Aspen (aka Scooby) was a little spitfire from the moment she arrived in Florida. She came bounding out of her crate with so much spunk I didn't know what to make of her, especially since she was the funniest looking puppy I'd ever seen! As she grew into an adult, she became a radiant Golden with a personality unlike any other; talk about major attitude! She's cute and boy does she know it, and she'll make sure you do too!

It's a true delight to watch Scooby in the show ring because she comes to life in an amazing way; the transformation is astounding and exhilarating. She has done very well in her short show career so I am extremely proud of her. This is one very special girl that is exceptional in every way. Thank you Scooby for bringing so much joy into my life! You're one of a kind!