DNA Profile # V656493
From the time Hocus was born something about her caught both my eye and my heart.  She was the last and the smallest of her litter, but there was something special about her that compelled me to keep her.  At eight weeks of age she was breath taking when stacked on the table.  As you can see, she is growing into quite the young lady!  Hocus is the carbon copy of her dad, Maverick, in that she has  his structure and mass amount of hair!  In fact, if I didn't know better I could swear she's a Newfoundland in a Golden suit as it takes me hours to get her dry!  She also has Maverick's never ending exuberance and happiness, as well as his endearing sweetness.  Hocus has also been gifted with her mother, Scout's phenomenal movement which is impeccable from all angles and hard to beat. I have very high hopes for Miss "Hocus Pocus", as I think once she matures more and gets her "big girl coat in" she will surprise everyone with what she can do.