Pirate came from my good friend Beckie Jordan of Gangway Golden Retrievers in Ohio.  Pi Pi as we affectionately call him,  is a big blond boy that is super sweet and lives to please his people!  I should've named him "marshmallow" as that's pretty much what he is!  There's nothing this boy loves more than belly rubs and hugs! He has all his clearances for hips, elbows, eyes, and heart.  Like most males, he has been slow to mature but by the time he turned two and a half, I felt he looked good enough to send out to shows.  Pirate in just a weekend and a half of ever showing obtained his Canadian Championship with all major wins.  He will be specialed in Canada during 2015 with my fabulous handler, Tanice, and working towards him American Championship.  We have high hopes for this young boy so stay tuned to see how he does!

DNA Profile: V774422

Hip clearance: OFA GR-111993E25M-VPI

Eye clearance: OFA GR-EYE2733/38M-VPI

Heart clearance: OFA GR-CA24620/12M/C-VPI

Elbow clearance: OFA GR-EL32206M25-VPI

Thyroid clearance: MSU Normal

Prcd-PRA status: Clear (Paw Print 24349)

PRA1 status: Clear (Paw Print 24349)

PRA2 status: Clear (Paw Print 24349)

Ichthyosis status: Clear (Paw Print 24349)

Fresh and Frozen semen available.    Inquiries welcome!