Hello! My name is Helena and I'd like to welcome you to the Bearabella Golden Retriever website! Thank you for coming to see us and I hope you enjoy your visit!  Many people ask me where the name “Bearabella” comes from, so I feel I should tell the story of its origin. One day it dawned on me that many people had said my dogs (more commonly known as “my kids”) resemble “beautiful bears”, so I did a little inventing with two different languages to create “Bearabella” as “bella” in Spanish means “beautiful” and well, you know what “bear” means! So that's how the name “Bearabella” came to be!
I have been an animal lover since the day I was born, and especially fond of dogs and horses. My mother raised and showed collies when I was a child so I credit her to introducing me to the greatest passion I have in life. I’ll never forget her telling me that if I didn’t take proper care of the dogs I didn’t deserve to have them; out of fear of losing my best friends, it was a lesson well learned! I have had several different breeds over the years including German Shepherds, Newfoundlands, and Collies, but found my true love in Golden Retrievers. Back in 1995, a good friend of mine had a litter of Golden puppies which he asked me to evaluate; well, after seeing those adorable balls of fluff that had personalities to die for, I couldn’t go home without one! They have since dominated my existence as I am happily owned and ruled by all my Golden kids to this day!
Anyone who has had the pleasure of living with a Golden Retriever can tell you this is a breed that is fun, happy, loyal and smart. They’re extremely lovable so you can’t help but be enamored by them! Their sweet temperaments and wonderful dispositions make them totally irresistible, so if one hasn’t captured your heart yet, just wait, it will given the chance! I often ask myself, how anyone can
NOT love a Golden??? The answer…they clearly haven’t had the honor of meeting one!

Every breed of dogs pertains to different illnesses. Unfortunately, Goldens are no exception as they are prone to allergies, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, sub aortic stenosis, and cataracts.
The first Goldens I had developed one hereditary ailment or another, so believe me, I understand the importance of getting a healthy dog from a breeder that does all the proper clearances before producing a litter. Granted, there are no absolute guarantees on how a pup will turn out as an adult as too many factors play into genetics that still elude us (it’s not an exact science), and so much depends on what the dog is fed and how it’s raised. Take the time to find a good “hobby breeder” that has the clearances on their dogs, as not everyone is breeding for the betterment of the breed. Also, please research the pros and cons of this breed in depth before purchasing a Golden as it is a life time commitment which shouldn‘t be taken lightly.
Speaking for myself, my purpose behind breeding the few litters  that I do is to produce sound, healthy dogs that have the true Golden temperament as described by the American Kennel Club.  I am not a commercial breeder, my dogs are the love of my life.  All my breeding dogs are screened for hips, elbows, hearts, eyes and thyroids and have wonderful personalities (aggression will not be tolerated!). When my puppies leave here, my responsibility to them and their new owners is for life.  I am always available to help in any way I can at any time as I am not a breeder that takes your money and forgets about you!  It is very important to me to maintain a good relationship with everyone that has one of my babies and for everyone to be happy.
So, I hope this has given you a glimpse of who I am and how much I love my kids.  Please feel free to write me with any questions you may have and thank you for stopping by!